About Me

Born in the beautiful town of Toowoomba, I was surrounded by amazing photographic opportunities and inspiration from a young age, but it wasn’t until 21 years later that I discovered the magic of beauty caught through a lens.

During my school years I began to delve ever so lightly in photography and the darkroom, but it wasn’t until my 21st birthday that I received my first film SLR.  From that day, I was always on the lookout for moments to capture in the every day life around me, traveling to many local events and even family get togethers armed with my beloved camera.

It was a year or two later, while working as a graphic artist for a small printing company, that I really noticed the quality and range of images on the brochures being printed, and set out to better my own skills so as to create my own high quality work. I took a short night course learning the basics of photography and began working as a graphic artist alongside Glenn Ellis, a great landscape, wedding and portrait photographer in his own right, and this is where my passion for photography really grew.

As I developed my own style and portfolio, I split my focus on landscape, portrait and model work, but in recent times, have moved solely to photographing the beauty and tranquility of nature and landscapes. While the surrounds of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are my local playgrounds, I enjoy traveling both near and far to capture stunning views and scenery, as well as quieter moments of reflection.

If there is anything more you would like to know about me or my photography, please fill out the Contact Form.