After a late night fitting those last few items into the suitcase for the journey, the skies in Brisbane were clear and blue for the drive to the airport. Upon arrival and entering check-in, I was found to have a couple of kilos over the baggage allowance which resulted in a quick reshuffle of carry on and check-in bags (glad my camera bag doesn’t weigh that much usually).

The flight down was a nice and gentle one for the majority before a little turbulence coming into Hobart due to the local cloud coverage from which we were greeted by a light shower as we made our way to the terminal. With a quick retrieval of check-in baggage being just the third and sixth bags out we were soon on our way into town in a Renault Koleos for supplies before continuing out towards Port Arthur.

Upon checking in to our accommodation at the Fox and Hounds Inn, a cute olde English styled pub, we headed towards the Port Arthur Historic Site to firstly purchase our National Parks Pass (a necessity and also great investment in the continual maintenance and improvement of parks and facilities), followed by our tickets to enter the historic site the following morning.

From here we drove another few kilometres to Remarkable Cave, though it was already too late to visit as dusk had hit along with some very strong winds and spots of rainfall, so we took in the view from the platform just beside it.

Heading back to the Fox and Hounds Inn we enjoyed a delicious dinner before heading to our room to adjust a few plans for the next morning’s adventure, so watch this space.


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