Today has been a big adventure, all starting with sunrise at Spiky Beach just south of Swansea, thanks to info from my good Tassie friend and fellow photographer Kathryn Leahy (check her out on Instagram).  What a great beach to watch the beginning of a day from, let alone photograph it; so many different features including the boulders and beach grasses for silhouettes, the surrounding grassy hills, teal blue waters and the lichen covered rocks that lay along the shore.

Following a full cooked breakfast at Schouten House BnB, we started our day’s drive to the famous Freycinet Peninsula and in particular Wineglass Bay, which I had seen back in 2008 with a best friend and his brother, but only from the Wineglass Bay Lookout.  This time, Fran and I were going to be doing the whole walk of 3-4 hours return, mainly because we had heard of the old whale bones that would be found in the water and bought up onto the beach from time to time.  Which brings us to the reason for the naming of this beautiful and serene place. Wineglass Bay was once the scene of horrific whaling exploits, where ships would herd pods of whales into the bay for slaughter, turning the waters into a rich red, just like wine.

As the day drew to a close, we headed back to Swansea and a cute little farm that we had heard great things about, mainly great ice cream things.  It was Kate’s Berry Farm just south of Swansea, where they make their own strawberry ice cream-amongst an array of other flavours-but the strawberry is certainly one to try (also great for a coffee).

We finished the night by the fire chatting with our new retired friends, Mike and Fran (another Fran!), after dinner out once again at Saltshaker, discussing the day and plans for the rest of the trip as funnily enough we bumped into Mike on the beach at Wineglass Bay earlier that afternoon before heading on the return journey.

The East Coast is a place you have to see to believe the sheer beauty.


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